About The Housekeeper

The Housekeeper wants to take the annoying 'every day' details out of your domestic schedule and have you arrive home to a wonderfully organised, clean space; maybe even with a meal prepared. A home that is ready for you and your family to spend precious, quality time together in.

The Housekeeper is a bespoke home service in Auckland, New Zealand. We offer a superior home management and cleaning service that is personalised to your exact requirements. This is no pre-set package deal. The Housekeeper works with each client individually to understand the needs and wants of the home and the family. We can offer home cleaning, laundry, errands, groceries, meal preparation. I am currently based on the North Shore and service the Auckland suburbs of Ponsonby, Herne Bay, St Mary's Bay, Westmere and Remuera.


I'm Rachael aka The Housekeeper. I have spent 23 years as a professional florist and a customer service manager. Both careers have ensured my time management and attention to detail skill set are second to none.

I am an organised person and enjoy finding solutions to everyday household matters. I am practical in my approach to any task, be it home cleaning, laundry or meal preparation.

I pride myself on the high quality of a house clean and the detail executed to achieve a superior finish. I also love to cook. I'm the first to admit I am no Master Chef contestant! But I can hold my own in a kitchen and cook good, wholesome, nutritious meals. I am familiar with coeliac disease and cooking around this area. Currently I am dabbling in grain free eating for my own dietary requirements.

The Housekeeper is very pet friendly too. Being a pet owner myself I know the importance of keeping the home healthy and safe for all to live in. And having a client's pet as company while we are on site just makes for a happier environment all round.

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