Cleaning Products

Have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients on a bottle of bathroom cream cleaner? Or how about the kitchen anti-bacterial spray you use?

Now think about the amount of time you may spend when doing a grocery shop, looking at the contents of a packet of crackers, or a jar of ready-made pasta sauce. We are bombarded with messages via social media and the nightly news about the latest superfood, or the consequence of a high sugar diet.

But what about the chemicals we use to clean the bathroom, to wipe down the kitchen bench before preparing a meal of carefully selected fresh/organic ingredients.

The Housekeeper is mindful of the harm that chemicals can cause on surfaces in the home, in our environment and the most dangerous area - our bodies. Where possible we use Norwex products. Norwex is all about cleaning without chemicals. Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

NORWEX microfibre removes 99% of bacteria using just water as the cleaning agent. NORWEX microfibre can be used dry to remove dust from all household surfaces. The microfibre attracts particles in the cloth, rather than pushing the dust around the surface.

How can you start cleaning with your very own NORWEX products?

Shop online and have it delivered to your door