Exquisitely clean homes using chemical free products. Where possible I use only Norwex cleaning paste and a super powered Envirocloth with water. Norwex is safe on your home surfaces. It is safe for most people with allergies and it is gentle on the environment. It also reduces cleaning time when used frequently in bathrooms.

Casual and one off cleans. Selling a property? We can service the home prior to staging to really make it stand out. So many times I have visited open homes that are beautifully staged. But on closer inspection the surfaces are covered in fingerprints, there is dust behind the television and the skirting boards need a good wipe. Not to mention a mirror that is more dull and dusty than gleaming bright.

Potential buyers want to see clear, clean surfaces. Create that feeling of an immaculately presented brand new home, no matter the age of the house.


We can take care of your washing, folding and ironing. Leaving you with more free time.

Fresh sheets. Who doesn't love climbing into bed after a long day and the bed is made with new bedlinen? Here at The Housekeeper we understand how something as simple as crisp, clean sheets can ease the tension from a hectic schedule. We will even launder the used sheets and have them ready to use again.

Post-surgery housekeeping

This is what makes The Housekeeper unique. If you need some assistance at home for a short time, chat with us prior to the event and we can tailor a schedule to your needs. It might be help with meal prep and keeping on top of the laundry. Likewise we can clean and cook for you. We will do what we can to ease the domestic workload around a stressful time.

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly appointments. We will do our best to fit in with your request. What works well for you and your home. Monday through Friday. Weekends by prior appointment.

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